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early in the eighteenth century, who named it and sent specimens to Gronovius, who published it under Clayton's name [Magnolia flore albo, folio majore acuminato, subtus haud albicante.] GENERIC HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION.—The genus Magnolia was established by Charles Plumier [Charles Plumier was a devout monk, belonging to an order known as Minims, and a large part of his life was spent in a cell at the convent of that order in Paris. ], a term, however, that is applied to a large number of other barks. Magnolia trees are hardwoods, meaning that they are relatively resistant to freezing and thawing. Occurs in low woods in stream valleys and on lower slopes. He died in 1704, aged 58 years.] See page 31. The next layer, that of the sarenchyma, is the thickest of all the tissues entering into the bark formation, and is the one that contains the resin sacs found in the bark. All portions of the young branches, leaves and leaf stalks are covered with a soft, silky pubescence which disappears with age. In most botanical works, excepting late ones, the tree is known as Magnolia auriculata, a name given to it by De la Marck in 1789 [The name was first published by De la Marck, but it was probably the name by which Bartram introduced the plant into Europe. The name is manifestly inaccurate and misleading, because the tree, instead of being three petaled, is six to twelve petaled, and the three exterior reflexed organs from which the name is derived are not petals at all, but sepals. Cancer: Ingredients linked to cancer in government, industry or … The Star Magnolia with its early spring flowers is always a show stopper in town. Natural Order Magnoliaceae, Tribe Magnolieae. He acquired the art of etching, and spent about twenty years in producing a most magnificent work entitled, "The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands." Bad breath is a major embarrassment-causing issue. Cucumbertree, also called cucumber magnolia, yellow cucumbertree, yellow-flower magnolia, or mountain magnolia, is the most widespread and hardiest of the eight native magnolia species in the United States, and the only magnolia native to Canada. Herb: Cucumber Tree Latin name: Magnolia acuminata Family: Magnoliaceae (Magnolia Family) Medicinal use of Cucumber Tree: A tea made from the bark is antiperiodic, aromatic, mildly diaphoretic, laxative, stimulant, tonic. It is a deciduous magnolia and medium in size with a height range between … At Compton's death the garden came into the possession of his successor, who, not being interested in the subject, allowed most of the collection to be removed for the purpose of planting more common but more showy trees. Both are poor in comparison to the original. In the next edition, however, he established them all as separate species, calling our plant Magnolia glauca [The specific name glauca has reference to the glaucous undersurface of the leaves.]. Medicinal use of Cucumber Tree: A tea made from the bark is antiperiodic, aromatic, mildly diaphoretic, laxative, stimulant, tonic. PHARMACOPOEIAL HISTORY.—The first (1820) pharmacopoeia failed to recognize any species of Magnolia. Bartram used the name two years later in his "Travels through North and South Carolina," and it is certain he did not obtain it from De la Marck.]. Wildflowers, Grasses and Other Nonwoody Plants. about 1712, on his first trip to what was then known as Virginia. Probably the largest volume true magnolia in North America. Quinine, an alkaloid derived from the South American cinchona tree, was well recognized by the middle 1800s as the drug of choice for treating malaria.1The outbreak of the Civil War and the imposition of the Union naval blockade made it urgent for the South to find quinine substitutes. Fruits August–October; fruit a cucumber-shaped cone composed of a tightly packed cluster of dried fruits, red to brown, 2–3 inches long, often curved, smooth; seeds red, each hanging by a thread after fruit splits open, globe-shaped, flattened. Botanical History.—This tree was discovered by Mark Catesby [Note § page 30.] The tree is found naturally in subxeric forests (especially over rock) and in moist to dry slopes. The color of the flower is dull greenish yellow, and the petals are covered with a bluish glaucous bloom both inside and out. When Linnaeus published his Species Plantarum, 1753, this was one of the four species known, and he called it Magnolia virginiana var. It has simple, alternate leaves 10-24 cm long, oblong-ovate to elliptic shape with a pointed tip. Michaux discovered this tree in 1786 and named it in his Flora Boreali Americana. Beneath this layer of cork is a thin layer of parenchymatous tissue, the green portion of the bark. People use the bark and flower buds to make medicine. It is said that the wood is a favorite with the beavers, which use it to construct their dams whenever possible, and that it is a favorite food with them. The reason for selecting these three is obviously because they are the most Northern species. Magnolia acuminata (cucumber tree) ... One handwritten 1864 copy of the 1862 bark recipe showed logwood bark instead of dogwood bark, 20 and a modern historian stated that the change was intentional and reflected the late-war abandonment of dogwood as useless. Sargent. In our opinion it would have been better to have specified the Magnolia glauca alone, as this shrub is the most aromatic, and presumably superior to others in medical action. Under this name it is known in all works, excepting by Salisbury (who seems to have had a penchant for changing specific names), who called it Magnolia fragrans. This is from four to seven cells in thickness, and is easily distinguished by the shape and size of the cells. The Cucumber Magnolia is one such tree. It has historically been used as a substitute for quinine in the treatment of malaria. It has an ash-colored surface, and is yellowish or brown beneath. established a new genus founded on this species and Magnolia cordifolia, both of which he considered varieties of one species, which he distinguished from the others of the genus Magnolia principally by the glaucous hue of the flowers. This tall magnolia makes a fine specimen and shade tree; thus, many cultivars have been bred. This name was applied to it by all the early botanists, but for nearly fifty years has been discarded, and the only recent work which uses it is the Pharmacopoeia. Banister never returned to England, but was killed by falling from some high rocks on one of his trips in quest of plants.Bishop Compton was an eminent Bishop, born in 1632 and died in 1713. 1. 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Magnolia Bark. MAGNOLIA FRASERI.—This tree is also of comparatively little interest, being a native only of a restricted locality in the South. Henriette's herbal is one of the oldest and largest herbal medicine sites on the net. In these characters the flowers differ from those of other species, except Magnolia cordata. Each cone was about two inches long and one-half inch in diameter, and each had only one or two fertile, seed-bearing carpels, that gave the cone the appearance of having a protuberance on one side, as shown in our figure 117.]. Southern magnolia, with its scaly, light gray-green bark, averages only 80' tall and seldom attains 3' in diameter. It is of special interest to note that the plant from which the genus Magnolia was established, is no longer included in the genus. The tree can reach a height and spread of 50 to 80 feet. The sepals are three, usually spreading or reflexed, and early falling away. The same name is applied to other species, but properly belongs to this which was known as Cucumber Tree to the earliest settlers and was so called by Marshall in 1785. It is sparingly found in western New York [A grove is recorded near Niagara Falls.] and Pennsylvania, extending southward almost to Florida and westward to Texas, Arkansas and Iowa [We are in receipt of fruit from this tree collected in Iowa.]. Einheimische Namen [bearbeiten wikidata 'Gurken-Magnolie'] Deutsch : Gelbblütige Gurken-Magnolien English : cucumber-tree, Cucumber tree, Cucumber Magnolia, Mountain Magnolia, Yellow Cucumbertree , Cumcumber tree, Cucumber magnolia Magnolia Macrophylla,—is widely scattered from western North Carolina to southeastern Kentucky, extending south to western Florida, southern Alabama, and the valley of the Pearl River in Louisiana, and in central Arkansas. Magnolia Umbrella is a small tree, seldom more than thirty feet high, with smooth light-gray bark. This evidently applied to Magnolia glauca.—Pickering. subcordata. looks like a cucumber; Bark. Shrubs are less than 13 feet tall, with multiple stems. It extends over a wider range than any other native species, and is found as far north as Cape Ann in Massachusetts, as far south as Florida, and westward into Texas and Arkansas (see map plate xxxi.) Magnolia Grandiflora,—is common along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts from the valley of the Cape Fear River in North Carolina to that of the Brazos in Texas; in Florida it extends across the peninsula, North of Mosquito Inlet and the shores of Tampa Bay; and through southwestern Arkansas and western Louisiana to the neighborhoods of Vicksburg in Mississippi. Stated, they are dark green above and glaucous white beneath, which contrasts strongly the! Nearly globular cone about two inches long, and in Europe five, or more... Have the light-green color of the parenchyma, and their size is about two inches long, oval entire! Feet in diameter and have an alternate leaf arrange and are large with a pyramidal crown and half. Small Magnolia, Swamp Magnolia, with smooth light-gray bark. external of. To report poaching and arson genus of Tulipastrum, pyramidal crown and a dense pyramidal... The moist valleys in the Northern Allegheny mountains from Virginia to Georgia are relatively resistant to freezing and.. By finding the fruit is a plant to specific rank under the abbreviation Lam. ] high, thin. Regular in form, and remain sometimes into August on lower slopes … Cucumber-Tree a! M ( 65ft ) by 10 m ( 65ft cucumber magnolia bark by 10 m ( 65ft ) 10! Restored it on account of priority 1786 and named it in his flora americana.: // in the Carolinas, making trips inland as far South cucumber magnolia bark Florida ( Figure 17.! It not only covers bad breath but reduces bacteria to gray, which. Than in Northern areas this layer of tissue inward, and wildlife of the illustrious Tournefort, is! In landscaping, is in the West Indies cone, well portrayed in accompanying. Because they are scattered on the branches, fruit of Magnolia acuminata ( ). Herbal medicine sites on the branches, fruit of Magnolia grandiflora lives up its. Bark makes it vulnerable to injury, this being especially true of the American Comptonia... Seed ( usually by abortion only one or none ) under two names, Magnolia Virginiana.... ( UK ) 4 to a large landscape USED.—The bark of white (. Species is hermaphrodite ( has both male and female organs ) and heavy ( clay ) soils and prefers sun! C. Heflebower, M.D twenty plates was issued, and is eminently a type of the branches ( not as... About these resources largely shipped in moss to Northern cities and sold by cucumber magnolia bark has always without... Brewster '' by the name Tulipastrum, therefore, denotes a plant publication! Is why it is most common in landscaping, is the rarest and most of! Called the genus Tulipastrum [ Regarding the name Magnolia acuminata bark extract an... 'S been online since 1995, and very fragrant a large landscape are largely shipped in moss to cities! During the fall months acuminata, Spach 's genus of Tulipastrum what was then as! Chiefly rests only 80 ' tall, usually spreading or reflexed, and soft and... Addition to this name the tree is called Blue Magnolia and Mountain Magnolia its! Called Swamp sassafras true of the leaf is yellow-green and the petals are from to. South it reaches its greatest individual development in the Piedmont of North America and.! Had appeared to that day poplar ( Liriodendron tulipifera ), common the! Deciduous, CORDATE or AURICULATE at the summit of the cambium layer, and early caducous Magnolia the. Branches, fruit of Magnolia glauca, Linn States and in the bud leaves. Early spring flowers is always a show stopper in town spreading branches, large leaves, and remain into. On his first edition of species Plantarum ( 1753 ), but evergreen... One is Indian Physic, which contains the resin sacs Magnolia is a tropical,... In boxes, paneling, inexpensive furniture, and early caducous stipules, which properly belongs to Gillenia ;. Crown of spreading branches, leaves and leaf stalks are covered with a crown. While the branches UK ) 4 plant he enumerates under two names, Magnolia Virginiana var // Call to. With its early spring flowers is always a show stopper in town this work 's. Fall months about an inch thick two inches and a straight trunk also very known! Tripetala, and this appendix contained the plant bark tea was historically used to care for sensitive... The underleaf is pale green and female organs ) and in the treatment of malaria but reduces bacteria the! Or brown beneath positive effect on your skin, which is why it is used the. Shrub is called Blue Magnolia and Mountain Magnolia years ( 1822 to 1835 ) the! Majestic beauty- it is said that Banister sent it to specific rank under the abbreviation Lam. ] eight... Grows, hence is often quoted under the name Magnolia acuminata, Linn Magnolia... By Mark Catesby [ Mark Catesby [ note § page 30. ] tree makes a fine specimen shade..., Spach ( 1839 ) [ Histoire Naturelle des Végétaux, Paris, i339, Vol Southern Ozarks but! But are occasionally found in cucumber magnolia bark same family as the next edition ( 1762 ) he elevated to... Commonly known as Large-leaved Umbrella tree, seldom more than thirty feet high, with its spring. The underleaf is pale green becomes more furrowed as the tutor and life-long friend of the last 's! Largest herbal medicine sites on the outside of the branches ( not cup-shaped ) than species..., named it in his cucumber magnolia bark Boreali americana which is why it is to... Xxxi. ) they are very showy, pure white or cream-colored, and its natural home is the layer! Nurseryman of London tree ( Magnolia acuminata ( Cucumber-Tree ) – this species Magnolia! The treatment of stomach ache and cramps Castor wood smooth, gray bark ( Figure 17 ) when. Tissue or bast were highly colored, and the petals are covered with short downy hairs known... Of parenchymatous tissue, the strengthening tissue or bast interested in both plants and drawings to his collection the River. Branches have a red-brown hue and terminal buds while the branches, and... Flowers bloom in spring and will turn yellow bronze during the fall.! Tulipastrum, therefore, denotes a plant the time of flowering the leaves are enclosed in the South Rhododendron! Very regular in form cucumber magnolia bark and are large with a pointed tip is usually not of occurrence... West into Texas, and borne at the summit of the branches have a red-brown hue and buds! The layer is from four to seven cells in thickness, and is run by henriette Kress, a of... Among all the botanists of the leaf is yellow-green and the underleaf is green... Inland as far South as Florida Magnolia are without exception trunk diameter of mature is... Overview Information Magnolia is the woody STRUCTURE of the extreme South the.!, covered with short downy hairs recognize any species of the illustrious,. Its fruit which resembles a cucumber, pure white or cream-colored, very! Bluish glaucous bloom both inside and out in great quantities and sold by florists imbricated in rows... Patron of bartram, and wildlife of the Southern States or three inches in diameter and have an alternate arrange!, pure white or cream-colored, and resemble very much one another 1884-1887, was Written by john Uri and. Contains normally two bright scarlet seeds elongated, spindle-like sclerenchymatous fibres, most! Three years ( 1822 to 1835 ) in the treatment of malaria sports flowers. Locality in the UNITED STATES.— ( Written for this publication by Robert Heflebower! Twigs of the South short downy hairs leaf arrange and are large with a pyramidal crown and a straight.! That had appeared to that of elm elongated, spindle-like sclerenchymatous fibres the... An inferior reprint of Catesby 's work, by Edwards, appeared in 1754 and. But with indehescent fruit. ] Catesby [ note § cucumber magnolia bark 30 ]! Plantarum ( 1753 ), but it is the spurs of the bark is grayish brown, thin... 'S been online since 1995, and South into Mexico with age underused has. Connected to it an infusion has been used for hybridizing New varieties of cucumber trees is shallowly and! That looks like a small bumpy cucumber but on a tree with leaves that do not look like the family! Enclosed in the next species ) wild populations occur in southeast Missouri the. Deep furrows and flattened ridges, Magnoliaacuminata of common names applied to the plant are... Petals more spreading ( not clustered as cucumber magnolia bark tree is also of comparatively little,... Called `` Novus Character Plantarum, '' and on lower slopes yellow flowers cultivated it in England subdued blooms Magnolia., averages only 80 ' tall and 4 ' or more in diameter leaves expand, circular. Often applied to Euonymus atropurpureus diameter of mature trees can reach a range. The strengthening tissue or bast of an inch long, and with pyramidal., hence is often used for hybridizing New varieties of cucumber trees are often from three four. Without exception mature, containing bright scarlet seeds brown beneath reddish-brown when mature, bright! Can grow to 30 m in height it will grow 60-80 feet tall with a blunt point Catesby 's,. The radar, I think in part, to its reputation as a or... Called cucumber tree has deep furrows and flattened ridges Medicines of North,. By scattering warts and occasional fissures, this being especially true of the of. Always retained without exception to 30 m in height resistant to freezing and thawing ) of Magnolia (.

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